Whether they’re yours or your neighbors, wild or domestic, you’ll need to get used to living with animals. Knowing standards of care will help.


Whether you’re a landowner, a tenant, an employee, or a visitor, one thing’s for certain – out here, you’ll be sharing your world with a lot of eight-legged, six-legged, four-legged, two-legged, and no-legged creatures.

About All That Mud

Graze 300 is a concept, an ideal, and a goal that's gaining in popularity (and practicality) here in central Virginia. The objective is pretty straight-forward - ensure that cattle derive their nutrition solely from pastures for 300 days out of the year. The other 65...

The Differences Between Hay and Straw

Farming has its own language, and sometimes people outside of the farming community don't understand what we're saying, no matter how slowly or how loudly we talk. If you knew the difference between hay and straw is five dollars a bale, you at least sort of understand...

Bratty Murray Grey Calves

These growing Murray Grey and Red Angus beef calves are sort of the bovine equivalent of teenagers – charming and venturesome, with a dash of defiance.

When your home and your business are one in the same, your vision becomes longer and wider.

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