Snags – Charlie Brown Trees for Wildlife

When we think of habitat loss, we may not think of simple things, like dead trees on our farm. In reality, these snags are a vital part of your farm ecosystem

How We Designed Our House

If you’re designing a farm house for a working farm there are a few things you need to think about.

When You Literally Put the Mud in Mudroom

The mudroom looks completely different in the summer.Whenever I go onto Pinterest or Houzz, and type in "mudroom", there's all these beautiful white rooms with book bag hooks, and cute little cubbies and even the washer and dryer and I sort of ooh, and aah, and coo...

Rotational Grazing 101

Rotational Grazing 101

The term “rotational grazing” is used a lot. But what exactly is it? This quick guide to grazing beef cattle explains a few concepts.

A Few Differences Between Beef Cows and Dairy Cows

A Few Differences Between Beef Cows and Dairy Cows

Knowing the difference between dairy cow and beef cow appearance and management can be important to you if you’re landowner leasing land to a livestock producer. Standard practices vary between the two!

Antique Doors – They’re Not Just for Backdrops Anymore

Replace those builder grade doors with beautiful, affordable, pound-able, slam-able antique doors       Reclaimed Antique Doors - A Hundred Years Later Doors are one of those things that cost way more than they seem they should. In our effort to get our occupancy...

Direct Marketing Beef

In some parts of the country, buying beef directly from farmers is a realistic choice.