Cow Beef – It’s What’s for Dinner

Most ground beef comes to us through the Cow Beef value chain, where older, unproductive cows go from the farm, to the sale barn, and then straight to a processing facility, bypassing the feedlot.

Beef Industry Basics – Part 2

The Virginia beef industry is worth about $8 billion a year. If you own farmland in Virginia, chances are pretty good that some of those beef dollars are yours.

Beef Industry Basics

Virginia may not come to mind when you think of the cattle industry, but with about 675,000 head of beef animals, it’s worth about $8 billion a year.

Kitchen Cabinets – Part 2

So the new cabinets are in, and adjusted, and I'm gonna say that we're about half way through the process. That's sort of how it works when you're doing it pay-as-you-go. We could have done it just full scale if we had paid someone else to do the entire project, but...