Home design and Construction

Chances are that your new country home won’t be the exact home of your dreams. Remodeling an existing house, or building a new one that fits your family, your lifestyle and your land can be one of the most rewarding accomplishments of a lifetime.

Home Design and Construction

Most of the time, if you want to live on your rural property, you have a few choices – build, remodel, renovate, and other options are available, like a tent, camper or a mobile home. Having a home that’s designed for your family, your lifestyle and your property requires vision and creativity. A home that works with your land should be your goal.

When You Literally Put the Mud in Mudroom

The mudroom looks completely different in the summer.Whenever I go onto Pinterest or Houzz, and type in "mudroom", there's all these beautiful white rooms with book bag hooks, and cute little cubbies and even the washer and dryer and I sort of ooh, and aah, and coo...

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When your home and your business are one in the same, your vision becomes longer and wider.

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