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Yes, it’s a dumb idea. I know. I don’t have time for this nonsense, and neither do you. Yet here we are. Sometimes you just can’t avoid it. Trade talks, law suits, and legislation. You’ll find it here.
Some of us go out of our way to avoid political discussions. Some of us are energized by them. Some of us just keep up with it all as a way to stay informed.

Anything I include in this section is mainly for informational purposes. It’s stuff that I find relevant, or interesting.

Shippin’ Up To Dublin – Part 2

About five years ago, Scott mentioned that we should go to Scotland for our 25th wedding anniversary. His statement was more of a kind gesture than anything that would ever resemble reality, as likely to happen as finishing the basement. We talked about it with a few...

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Shippin’ Up to Dublin – Interlude

As a part-timing, semi-self-employed, participation-trophy-wife, E-350 driving working mom, I was often available to chaperone field trips with our younger children (the older two don't know how lucky they had it). The kids' school, and their teachers were well aware...

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Shippin’ Up to Dublin – Part 1

Ireland wasn't first on my list of anniversary vacation destinations. I'm not even sure if it was second, or third. Yeah, I was part Irish, or so I thought, but Scotland was at the top of my list, and had been ever since I can remember. So when Scott and I started...

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Ever wonder about a crop, or a piece of farm equipment you've seen? Curious about what an extension agent does? Or do you have some other question about farming, or just a comment? Leave it below, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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