Ten Years to Instant Gratification – Closet Door

One of the luxuries that was eliminated when we built our house was the door to the living room closet.For ten years, and two paint colours, guests’ coats have hidden in shame behind this ghastly thing that came into my possession from Walmart, via Goodwill. We could have easily put up a luan door, but I wasn’t about to come off the bucks for a pseudo-wood door that I hated just as much as this abomination – I was holding out for a real door.
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I frequent a local architectural salvage store, salvagewrights.com , and have been on the lookout for a set of doors for a couple of years now, ones that suited our house, our budget, and our skills. I found some, twelve of them in fact. And they came from the same house as my mudroom cabinet.

Cleaning them up was pretty easy. They were originally finished with shellac, so all I needed was isopropyl alcohol to remove the old finish (and the remnants of dry cleaning bags, which can make quite a mess of a wood finish).

Some Formby’s High Gloss Tung Oil Finish, and they were ready for jambs.

Scott makes the jambs in the basement, but there’s nothing like the kitchen island for gluing and assembly. If you saw the basement, you’d know why.
So, yeah. We need to get some trim up. And something needs to be done with the OSB floor. But I’m glad to have Mrs. May’s doors in our house, and I was even able to get the original door knobs for them.
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