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Patty – Though I was born in Pennsylvania, I grew up in Ohio, of German-Scottish stock. I have a deep-seated fear of rotting in hell for calling too much attention to myself, a trait I acquired genetically, culturally and geographically. It’s offset by Scott, who was also from the mid-west, but he grew up in the southern part, of Irish stock. He’s the stereotypical Kentuckian. He’s boisterous and back-slapping and he knows everyone.

This is where I should say that I was the creative director of something and Scott was some sort of high power analyst and then we realized that our true calling was farming. Fact is, we each grew up farming. We each spent our toddler years on the tractor with our dads. And we each bailed out of agriculture as soon as we were old enough to leave home. In the eighties, it just seemed like the smart thing to do. We each went off to be Department of Defense contractors. And we each ended up working in Warrenton, Virginia.

We married in 1994, and bought our farm and our first cows shortly after that. Six kids and over 20 years later, Scott is still works for DoD. I stay home with the kids and the cows.

If Scott ever writes a biography, you can bet I’ll post it here.

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  1. Susan G. Romanic

    Hi Patty!
    I grew up on 7 acres in northwestern PA (not tooo far fr Youngstown, OH). I have been a home organizer specializing in working w people who have hoarding. I am presently working on designing a 15 x 8 mudroom in a newly-purchased not yet lived in home so I googled, what makes a great mudroom better than a good mudroom, and I found U! My guy runs a lasn service, and the kitchen door aka other side of the island is my mudroom too! I hate it! I taught Kindergarten in the old Central Elementary School from 286 thru 1989. My ex was a DoD contractor, too. I just wanted U to know that Ur mudroom story was awesome! My first job was working on a local dairy farm in PA. I live in Ellicott City, MD now and have only been back through Warrenton 2-3 times since moving to MD in 1989. I truly loved Fauquier Co and sometimes think I should have stayed there and let my Ex move to MD w/o me. Oh well, live & learn, right! I love that U are out there raising a fsmily the way America was built! God bless U! U can learn more about me and what I do at http://www.orgbyro.com. I just had to touch base w U after reading your story. I signed up for your e-mail and am looking forward to hearing more stories!


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