Land management

You’d think that when you’re living with nature, things wouldn’t need so much intervention. But crop ground, ponds, trails, driveways, wood lots, and pastures need active management to stay accessible and usable.

Land Management

The problem with letting things “go back to nature” is that nature doesn’t know what we want. And some of her management tools – fire, for instance – aren’t very welcome near our homes. Striking a balance is a constant challenge.Many of the plants we see every day, most obviously our lawn grasses – aren’t even native to the North American continent. Add in a few really aggressive invasive species – like feral hogs, ailanthus (tree of heaven) and spotted lanternflies – and our landscapes become inhospitable to our native species.

Tips on Selecting a House Site

Tips on Selecting a House Site Three major physical factors contribute to your enjoyment of your farm – your farm location, your driveway placement,...

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